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Ohmu of the Parana


Landscape Studio Project   |   Instrcutor: Hernan Diaz Alonso   |   2021

My project aims to create a micro nature and ecosystem for multi-species of creatures.

I called it Ohmu, a fictional giant insect that lives in the sea of corruption from Nausicaa of the valley of the wind, a reference film by Hayao Miyazaki. As a hyper artificial creature, It slowly grows and becomes a habitat for humans and other animals.

Birthed with a hollow cavity and several holes like a sponge, the skin has a mixed texture of tree trunk and crystal gel, which helps it camouflage into the existing vegetation beside the Parana river. Its body surface is highly moistured, so mushrooms grow wildly everywhere. The leg deeply roots itself into the riverbed and lifts the main body high up. It also stops it from being flooded when the water rises.

The amber-like hemispheres are secretions of Ohmu.

They are initially shaped as full spheres. Once they grow too heavy that Ohmu can't carry them, they will be thrown into the

Parana River. This process will help purify the water by absorbing harmful chemical elements and settle the soil.

The secretions contain most of the nutrition a plant needs. So we carve them into hemispheres to grow crops on them.

This new type of vertical farm helps stop agricultural pollution caused by flooding happens in Delta.

The ambers can be easily reshaped under the high temperatures of the site to build a vertical transport system.

Some have artificial caps to create capsule-like spaces that will not flood even during the wet season. As an expansion of nature,

it is more than just a vertical farm. This reimaged landscape consists of human beings, habitats, an playgrounds for wild animals.

It builds a unique relationship between man and nature and shows the new possibility of living.

Midterm Draft