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Yutao is a Los Angeles-based multidisciplinary artist from China, with a strong background in architecture. She reshapes traditional narratives by incorporating complex historical symbols that transcend cultural boundaries, drawing on premodern mythology that embraces pantheism and animism to redefine anthropocentric metaphors and dismantle traditional masculine narratives.

Her professional experience is highlighted by her collaborations with Emmy-awarded studios Elastic and Imaginary Forces, creating title sequences that seamlessly blend cultural history with modern aesthetics. Additionally, Yutao has designed immersive visual experiences for large-scale platforms like the MSG Sphere. These projects utilize dramatic imagery to explore the tensions between life and death, emphasizing the fleeting nature of all life within the biosphere—from plankton to whales. Rejecting the portrayal of nature as disenchanted and isolated, her work offers a non-human perspective that underscores our interconnectedness.

Yutao aims to merge art, technology, and ecological awareness through her visual storytelling, provoking dialogue and inspiring change as a distinctive voice in contemporary art.

Artist Statement

My work is a reflection of my soul's journey through time and space, from the ancient myths of Guizhou to the digital landscapes of contemporary Los Angeles. This artistic odyssey captures the essence of animistic traditions and modern technological realms, blending them into a narrative that challenges conventional anthropocentric perspectives.

By embracing premodern mythology that supports pantheism and animism, I aim to break down traditional narratives and provide a non-human perspective that highlights the interconnectedness of all life forms in the biosphere.

Through the use of digital animation and architectural principles, I create visual stories that are not just aesthetically captivating but are also designed to provoke thought and inspire dialogue. My goal is to transcend the traditional boundaries of art, technology, and ecology, crafting a form of visual storytelling that encourages viewers to reconsider their relationship with both the natural world and the constructed environments around them.

In doing so, I hope to foster a deeper appreciation for our place within the global ecosystem, promoting a vision of harmonious coexistence with our environment.

Award & Honors

SideFx Houdini

Work featured in online Gallery 
March, 2021

Luminarium: A Culture of Lights

Work exhibited in LA ArtBox, Los Angeles 
Oct, 2021

BEAM Studio

Winned Kaleidoverse: Entry of Visual and Fashion &  Best Popularity Award
Jul, 2022

Mitologie Digitali

Paticipated multi-venue exhibition in the city of Prato,Italy
Nov - Dec, 2022

Upcomming Exhibition in Taizhou Contemporary Art Museum


SCI-Arc spotlights ten architecture and design projects
Oct, 2022


Published “Asian Futurism World-building with Motion Graphics Using C4D and Houdini” in Discover channel
Jan, 2023