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Casting Sun and Forging Moon


Collaborated with Jewelry Artist Qin Xu (@quin_xu)

In this work, we combine traditional Chinese folklore and observation of the properties of all things in nature to imagine the beginning of the metaverse world.

As the earliest celestial bodies observed and recorded by human beings, the sun and the moon carry people's infinite admiration and worship. In many ancient civilizations, people established the connection between human beings, gods, and the universe through myths and legends.

The inspiration for our work comes from the Miao epics about the origin of the sun and moon. It is said that the ancestors of the Miao people carried gold and silver to the west and forged them into sun, moon, and stars. They use bionic methods to create tools with materials gathered from nature. The gods grabbed the spirit of the wind and stuffed it into the bellows, made of spider silk scales to balance the weight of the sun and the moon, and trimmed the moon shadows and circles like vegetable leaves.

This legend reveals China's ancient metallurgical culture, astronomical calendar, and meteorological and climate knowledge. It also provides a romantic imagination for us to explore today's relationship between man and nature.

We are the world builders for the new metaverse world. Imagination is our tool to create the sun and moon in this new universe. When we hang the sun and the moon in the sky, thousands of creatures will strive to change and grow, following our surging energy.