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Fashion Studio Project   |   Instrcutor: Hernan Diaz Alonso   |   2020

My project was established from one simple question:

How do human beings breathe in an extreme environment without machines?

At a turning point in the post-pandemic era, when humanity once again finds itself humbled, I believe it's time to rethink our relationship with nature. In this project, I developed a hypothesis for a symbiotic relationship with nature using genetic recoding technology.

I. Mask

The gooey, jello-like mask is a kind of symbiotic fungi acting as breathing enhancement equipment direct grows on the human

body. Filtering poison in the air as well as absorbing carbon dioxide created by the human body then producing oxygen.

Like LASIK surgery to make your eyes act better, the mask is a pre-programming code inside our DNA. It allows a new kind of

symbiotic relationship between man and mother nature. The mask can also provide protection for the eyes from direct sunlight.

The infrared sensors all over the body can sense the possible threatening surroundings in a more precise way.  In addition, when

the body is about to be affected, these symbiotic bacteria also wrap themselves around the body and create elastic cocoons to

mitigate the effects.

II. Exo-cartilage System

Unlike a "living" mask, which retains some of its biological properties, the external cartilage system is basically composed of artificial

organic material. It exists in the form of a jumpsuit or armor that wraps and protects the body. Compared to the existing exoskeleton

system, I want to emphasize the concept of softness, organicity, to resistance toward metal. The triangular base unit supports the skin,

helps with movement based on the body's brainwave signals, detects the health of the body and ensures our body temperature remains

constant. Vascular structures knit together the base unit responsible for transporting nutrients produced in our bodies by symbiotic

bacteria, allowing us to move for days without absorbing external nutrients. Several semicircular infrared detectors form a radar

system that helps us avoid potential hazards.

III. Story

The story begins with a breath sound muffled by a mask. Our heroine sets out from the darkness of the unknown. On her journey, she

discovered the vast dome, half-buried in the gravel. It has the same shape and composition as its armor. She jumps down, lands in an

abandoned underground laboratory. A large amount of research material related to her stored in the laboratory made her realize that

this was her birthplace. The air and temperature of the laboratory were familiar and reassuring to her. She stripped herself of her

exo-cartilage and walked out naked, trying to find other companions.

The story ends with a long shot of a baby, wrapped in symbiotic bacteria, sleeping in an eggshell that will soon become her or his

exo-cartilage. As the eggshell slowly opens, the exposed symbiotic bacteria return to her or him. The camera freezes, and the baby is

born: a new cycle of life begins.